Mission Statment

If you would like to work with us or contact us about a story you can email hctriangle1827@gmail.com or the current Editor-in-Chief.

The mission of the Triangle shall be to serve the Hanover College Community by producing an independent student newspaper. In order to accomplish this goal, the Triangle will:

1) Seek truth about issues related to Hanover College and the people involved.

2) Use ideas and talents of staff members.

3) Consider ideas from the campus community brought to the staff.

4) Serve as a forum for students and faculty to express their opinions and views on events and occurrences at Hanover College in addition to reporting the news.

5) Promote high journalistic standards among the staff members.
If you would like submit articles or article ideas please send them to hctriangle1827@gmail.com or to our Editor-in-Chief: Caroline Beck (beckc17@hanover.edu).
Our faculty adviser is Kay Stokes (stokes@hanover.edu).

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