Friday, I took a field trip with my Urban and Political Systems Class into Kensington, a neighborhood in North Philadelphia. Kensington is one of the poorest areas in Philadelphia, and one of the poorest areas in the country. Our purpose for visiting was to see Cheri Honkala, a human right activist who lives and works […]

The week in review

I’m sitting in The Bean Café on South Street as I write today, drinking some coffee, even though it’s nearly sweltering hot (for February, at least). I just finished having class in my apartment. It’s something that some of the Center’s faculty like to do once the semester gets underway — have class in different […]

City life is moving quickly

I’ve been working at my internship for three days, and I’m already starting to settle in. My internship supervisor is certainly keeping me busy. I wrote a story my very first day for publication next week, and today I filed two stories that will go to print tomorrow. It’s really exciting! I’m racking up clips […]

Goodbye Hanover, hello Philadelphia

When I decided to attend Hanover, I did so knowing that I would be in a rural setting, I would most likely live in campus housing and I would mostly interact with other Hanover students and faculty. I didn’t expect to have a chance to live in a city, work in a professional setting or […]

Homework Doesn’t Have To Mean Dorm-Work

One of the first things I learned when I came to Hanover was how hard it can be to do homework in a dorm room. Between the TV, the computer and the bed, there are just enough distractions to easily derail all productivity. After a few weeks of struggling to get reading done without lying […]