Rebekah Ballard and I cheering on runners at the 5K!

Favorite Holiday!

For all of you that don’t know, Easter is my absolute favorite holiday! I love the cheerful colors that consume every store that you walk into, the bunnies and baby chicks that are randomly placed all over Walmart and the meaning behind all of those wonderful looking gifts at the store. This year was a […]

My new sisters and I!

Exciting News!

This week I have several exciting things to blog about! I was very fortunate this week to receive an open bid to become a part of Hanover’s Alpha Delta Pi sorority! Now if you have no idea what an open bid is, I’m going to tell you! An open bid is basically an invitation saying […]

Off campus good weather this week!

Weather, nature and hiking.

Here at Hanover, I like to think that we have a wide variety of weather patterns. One day it can go from rain to snow, then from snow to sunshine. It’s pretty strange. Then somedays, like today, it’s absolutely beautiful outside. This past week I’ve had nature on the brain. That may be because I’m […]

Rebekah and I!

Home Sweet Home.

Before I talk about the beginning of my winter break, I believe it’s necessary to talk about how awesome my Omnibus trip was last weekend! I went to see an orchestra perform original classic Disney songs with two of my friends. It was so cool to hear all of the original songs performed live, and […]

The flowers Taylor got me!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day seems to go one way or another; either you love this holiday or you hate it. Well, considering this was my first Valentine’s Day without a valentine in four years, I still managed to have the best Valentine’s Day yet! This year, my idea of a valentine was slightly different — they were […]

My Bear, Fred.

Random thoughts, again!

This week has been fairly interesting for me. I saw earlier this week that one of my fellow bloggers was in my hometown for an Omnibus trip! I always find it so strange that going to visit Jungle Jim’s is such an event for people, simply because I grew up literally down the street. When […]

What i made when I went home this weekend!

Occasional issues

Occasionally, you will have a few issues in college life. My personal top two issues are priorities and homesickness. Let’s start off with my priorities. My first priority is, of course, my school work. I have to write out a daily schedule of everything I need to accomplish and the times when they’re due. My […]

OU, Athens, Ohio

New Experiences

So, I would like to start with this idea. When I was younger, the idea of growing up never appealed to me. I wanted to become like Peter Pan and be a kid for the rest of my life. Now that I’m not that kid in Princess jammies with Pooh-Bear walls anymore, I must say, […]

Finals, oh finals.

I apologize for not blogging for several weeks, but Hanover in the month of December is pretty hectic. I learned the week of finals is probably the most stressful week ever, but you can survive it! Here are a few tips that I’m willing to share: Have a creative outlet and make time for it. […]

One of our hot chocolate and movie days at Hanover!

Craziness of Dead Week and Finals

Excuse my lack of blogging, but I recently discovered how crazy the week prior and of finals week is. This month is very busy for the students of Hanover College, not only for the holidays but for finishing up the semester. The week prior to finals is called Dead Week. Why? I honestly don’t know. […]