Ready to take off!

It’s here! At 5am tomorrow morning I’ll be boarding on the 25 hour long flight to India. I am both very nervous and excited.  I don’t feel prepared mentally and emotionally, but then again how can you be prepared for the culture shock of being halfway across the world? Tomorrow I’ll start my journey in Indianapolis, fly to Abu Dhabi and then fly straight to Bangalore. I am nervous about my flight journey because I’ve never flown alone before! I hope it’s as easy as everyone makes it out to be.

My first week in India will consist of a 5 day tour and a University orientation. I will travel to the four southernmost states of India, so stay tuned with my blog to see my adventures on the tour! I’ll be writing about them and publishing my next blog next Monday. If you have any questions about my journey email me at

Wish me luck!

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