A Day in Pompei

Much too early in the morning, Brianna and I set out to get on the metro and then onto the train to take us to Napoli Centrale. Once there, we found a train which took us to Pompei. Sadly enough, the way to get on this Pompei train was not easy. The information desk is a very useful toDSC_0570ol, but not always clear when it comes to deciphering the information yourself.

The info desk said, “The DSC_0438train to Pompei is downstairs and on your left at the end of the corridor,” or something like that. We went downstairs, bought our tickets to Pompei for the Trenitalia train, and went to the gate which said “POMPEI”. Shockingly, we had bought the wrong tickets because this specific train is not Trenitalia, so we had to buy a different set of tickets to get on this other train.

Finally on the correct train, we set off to Pompei. The tourism there is bad, yes, and the place is overcrowded. However, if you sneak off and away from the crowds you find yourself in the empty streets of old Pompei. The streets have large rocks with gaping holes and the houses lining the roads are crumbling with remnants of the old housing layouts. Red poppies are everywhere which is interesting because they, according to the myth, grow where people die. It’s a very sad and mysterious concept, because poppies are all over ancient ruins in Italy.

The Ash People are amazing in themselves. The archaeological sites are closed off, but the Ash People can be seen in a large room DSC_0491overlooking the hills, closed off by metal bars. They are covered in plastic wrap aDSC_0521nd it truly looks like a murder scene full of body bags. I had no words, really, for all of it.

It also sported a large theatre and games area which looks incredibly intact. Multiple stray dogs travel around the area and sleep upon the stones as if this large archeological site is their happiest of homes. In death there is also life, and more of Pompei is continually being unveiled to this day. I suggest going, but know it takes a full day.

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