Snakes, Frogs, Salamanders

Spring term is a time to relax and basically do what you want to do. It’s a time to choose a class that you think you might be interested in. I would say I choose the right spring term class, herpetology. For anyone interested in reptiles or amphibians this is the class to take. I love it. We are basically outside all day long looking for these little guys.

Long- tailed Salamander
Long- tailed Salamander

So far, we have mostly stayed around Hanover’s campus looking in Happy Valley and around Buddha’s Belly. We have visited Chelsea’s Fall and Big Oaks. Big Oaks was the most fun because we were basically in the creek. My hiking boots got drenched. I actually almost lost my phone there. It was absolutely beautiful though and we saw a bunch of different salamanders, snakes, and frogs. Of course, we could not take any specimen we found back to campus with us. It was catch, identify, take a picture, and release. We will do the same thing when we go searching for reptiles and amphibians in Virginia for a week. I can’t wait for this trip. It will be the highlight of my spring term. It has only been one week and I feel like I have learned so much by being out in the field, especially about snakes. As long as they are non-venomous snakes and other exceptions, snake bites don’t actually hurt. I got bit for the first time while holding one and barely even felt it.

Ring- neck Snake
Ring- neck Snake (Venomous but not harmful to humans. Our skin is too thick)

This class is a bit grueling at times. Instead of a two or three hour class like most spring term classes, we go about six or seven hours. Honestly, the time flies by because you are outside being active. I feel like I am already developing leg muscles because of all the hiking. Also, we do not have homework with this class except for our portfolio where we will compile everything we have found.

Hiking on Hanover's campus
Hiking on Hanover’s campus

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