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If you are a member of the Business Scholars Program here at Hanover (and I strongly advise you to be, it’s so helpful!) then you will need to complete a project-based internship the summer before your senior year.  Even if you are not in BSP, internships are very much encouraged on Hanover’s campus and can contribute to the quick after-graduation job acquiring Hanover College prides itself on.  If you are in BSP, Betsy Johnson will help you out in finding this internship.  If you are looking for a regular academic internship, David Harden is your man.

Finding an internship can sound scary at first, but if you take your time and do the right research it isn’t all that bad.  What is great about the BSP internship is that you can find an unpaid one, because you will receive a $2,700 stipend.  This stipend opens up many doors for students to follow their dreams for the summer without having to worry about finances.

When searching for my internship, I began with deciding what city I wanted to be in.  I knew I could travel if I wanted, due to the stipend.  After making that decision, I figured out what connections I had there- through parents, previous employees, family friends- anyone who lived there or knew someone who lived there that I knew could help me find the right company for me and for housing.  Next I turned to online research.  I knew I wanted to be at a nonprofit, so I started online searches and sent emails to tons of companies.  I attached my résumé and all my contact information, and actually got quite a few responses!  After 3 interviews, I was left with 3 job offers and one of the hardest decisions I had to make.  Although it was a hard decision, I am incredibly grateful for BSP and the opportunities I will receive this summer!


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