“FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out)

This was my very last spring break as a college undergraduate. Many people go back to Gulf Shores or some other places with friends to party hardy, visit their family, and then there are those that simply don’t do anything and yet somehow still spend about the same amount of money. Well, I am that person that spent more than he/she should have, but I was in my #treatyoself mode. And I honestly didn’t buy anything beneficial; I just spent money on food and sweets when I was out with friends, and then I would work out a lot at some point during the day.
It was SO GREAT because I didn’t have to rush my things or force myself to go to the beach because I was already sunburned. If I wanted to have a lazy day – then I had a lazy day. If I wanted to be outside – then I was outside, and so on.
A lot of people know me for traveling a lot because I do love to travel and take photographs; but I traveled so much during Christmas break, that I’m already exhausted just by the thought of sitting in the same spot for hours. Once in a while, I like to be anti-social to just have me time in my own mind, and not get worked up over who’s doing what with their life. I deactivate my facebook once in a while, delete the app off of my phone, or to not look at the news feed and go to your close friends’ pages instead (current).
I like to be genuinely happy for people, but my FOMO is being intimidated by very adult-like actions like going to a graduate school or being engaged or jumping into your major field right away. I feel like many people are influenced by what will look good on paper and they forget what they actually want, when most of the time it’s not even laziness; it’s a need for a mental break.
I finally got one this past spring break by staying on campus for the first time ever for a few days to hang out with my friends and go hiking and then I went home to stay with my mom and have some very much needed mother-daughter quality time. We took our dogs for a walk, we went to get our nails done; and to finish out my break, I got a 60-minute massage and later went to a Speed Art Museum in Louisville for the first time.
It was different because it was very relaxing. Now after spring term, I’ll be ready for an adventurous vacation outside of Midwest and then shortly start my adultier life.

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