When You Reach Enlightenment

I stayed up for two days because I wanted to keep my Saturday night experience going and I believe the after effect of it all is that I got my enlightenment that I’ve been studying and reading about for over two years now. I want to share it with everyone because I’ve only read about this in books and I never thought I would be fortunate enough to feel this way.
For my final essay for my philosophy of Taoism and Zen Buddhism class, I had to create a dialogue between some Taoist (I chose Winnie the Pooh because he’s the epitome of a Taoist), a Buddhist (I chose Buddha), and myself. My goal is to find either my heart or mind.
I came up with this last night after I had a good workout, showered, and rested after a very long and an adventurous weekend.
This is just a summary; my actual essay is about 3.5 pages.
I wake up and start my day on the wrong foot. Nothing feels right anymore. My heart isn’t in it anymore and I want to run away.
So I get in my car and start driving without any destination in mind.
I suddenly realize that I got lost because I’ve been so much in my head during the drive that I have no idea where I went.
I get out of my car to find myself in the woods, far away from civilization.
I suddenly start to hear a soft tune. I start walking towards the woods, to hopefully find the source of this tune.
I hear a faint laughter. I walk through the bushes to find Winnie the Pooh playing ball.
I say: Good day, Winnie! I didn’t think you were real! I’ve only read about you in books.
Winnie: Hello, stranger! Of course I’m real! Everything that you read about me is real. How else would there be books about me?
And then I ask him if he hears this tune and he says that he doesn’t hear anything other than us talking and birds chirping.
I ask him if he knows what time it is because for whatever reason, I don’t have my watch on; when I always do, just as an accessory. Winnie says he doesn’t know what time it is but he knows what today is; today is the greatest day in the history of the world.
So I say okay and I continue to walk, trying to find where this sound is coming from.
I get to a field full of daisies and a pond near by, not a soul in sight.
I lay down on my back and close my eyes. I can’t help but smile. I grasp on to the grass, without pulling it, and I feel our energies colliding. I start to breathe in sync with the tune and it goes away.
The tune went away and my mind is totally blank. Then I start to hear wind playing with leaves and birds swimming in a pond.
I sit up with my eyes close still and I slowly open my eyes. I see Buddha with a gentle smile on his face.
He doesn’t say anything because languages is limited and words aren’t always necessary. Words and actions must work together.
There was never a tune. Only I could hear it because it was my intuition telling me to find it; and what I found was my enlightenment and I was reborn.
I was emotionally and physically lost, and I forgot to wear my watch when I always wear a watch, which helped me get lost in time as well.

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