Ready? Set! GRADUATE!

Remember when I said that I had the worst week of my entire college career exactly a week ago? When my laptop crashed, I had to rewrite a paper, and I had two important exams on Friday? So I did decent on my research paper, and I for sure was confident that it was better than the original I wrote the day before; I got 85 on my 217 Latin Americans Politics class and 96 on my 320 Spanish Literature exam. The last exam for each of the classes I got about a C, I’m not sure the exact score. So yeah, that’s pretty freaking awesome to say the least. I just don’t understand why stress made me do so well. Because I always stress out about school but I guess my laptop crashing just put a cherry on top of it all. What seemed to be the worst week of my college career, was indeed the worst week of my college career emotionally wise, but definitely one of the best grade wise.
I never want to have that experience ever again because it was so much at once and I prefer to spread it all out so I can do some amount of work every day, but also have a reward by the end of the day plus the weekend. I don’t like having to create something to look forward to because I like to live in the now because, ultimately, that’s the only time that really matters. But I guess that’s what you have to do to yourself when you’re so close to graduating, and yet so far away still.
I still have so much to take care off before the end of this term and I just look at it all and think – “WOW. I could so easily freak out right now.” But then I quickly remind myself that I’ve been through worse and this just makes me a really, really, really good college student (I hope.)
I’m really looking forward to my last spring term here because I was to do it the right college way. I’ll be taking a philosophy class over “The Brothers Karamazov” novel by Dostoevsky, so it’s just for my own pleasure because after this term I’m thankfully done with required classes for my major. Even though two years ago I was going to Spain for one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life, and this spring term there will be another class going (which makes me sad), but this spring term will be fun as well. I have a really good group of friends that I miss extremely when I don’t get to see them just for a day, so I’m thinking I’m not missing out on too much by staying on campus because I have a lot of fun memories with my squad. And now we get to play wiffleball and sand volleyball together!

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