How to Choose Classes: The Helpful Advisor

Coming to college, the idea of picking your own major/classes/career path can be VERY scary.  Having to make these decisions for yourself can cause some people to freak out…but have no fear.  Your academic advisor will be right there to help you through it all.

Because Hanover is such a small school, we are able to have great relationships with our academic advisors.  Your academic advisor will know you personally, know your goals, and know what classes you plan on taking.  After you declare your major you will be able to ask a professor in your major’s discipline to be your advisor is this is incredibly helpful.

While the Academic Catalog may be confusing at times, your advisor will be right there to help you understand which classes you should take and, importantly, when you should take them.  While Hanover’s small size is very beneficial, it can cause some classes to fill up very quickly.  If you’re a freshman or sophomore, chances are you will not be getting your first choice classes.  Or even your second choice.  Advisors and professors will work very hard for you to make sure you get all of your classes completed and you graduate on time!

So, don’t be scared about having to make these decisions alone and don’t be stressed about not getting into your first choice of classes.  Trust me, it will all end up working out by Senior year.

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