Business Scholars Program

One thing that makes Hanover unique (among many others) is that we do not have a business school or even a business major.  Hanover offers the Business Scholars Program which, in my opinion, is much more beneficial than either of the other options.

The Business Scholars Program allows you to study whatever major you want, be it Communication, Political Science, Biology, or even Geology, and still receive a Business Degree.  Throughout the program, you are required to take 5 classes and 2 electives that pertain to business.  This is incredibly easy to accomplish with Hanover’s semester schedule.

The most unique part of the BSP is the summer before your senior year.  All scholars are required to find a project-based internship.  What makes this internship so special is that the program will offer you a $3,000 stipend if the job you find is unpaid.  This allows for scholars to truly get out into the real world and get an idea of what they think they want to do with their future without having to worry about the cost of living.

This stipend allows many scholars to live in other cities for their internships. My sister, Haley Brown, will be interning for Senator Brown of Ohio in Washington, D.C. Without the BSP stipend, she would never be able to afford the expensive housing that comes along with living in our nation’s capital.

If you are applying for Hanover College, please consider joining BSP.  The skills and knowledge learned about business can help you in all fields of the workforce, and you will be introduced to incredibly beneficial opportunities.

Students are inducted into the Business Scholars Program
Students are inducted into the Business Scholars Program

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