Sorority Formal

In college, you don’t have typically have a homecoming dance or a prom. Here at Hanover, we do have a dance the night of the football¬†homecoming, but I didn’t go since I hadn’t come prepared with a dress for the dance. I did, however, go to my sorority‘s formal and had one of the best times that I’ve ever had at a dance.

Myself, my great grandbig, and my big. My grandbig wasn't able to take this one with us.
Myself, my great grandbig, and my big. My grandbig wasn’t able to take this one with us.

At our formal, the sisters with a big who are graduating gave a speech about their big, we ate, and took lots of pictures. Our formal was held at a plantation along the river in Kentucky and it was gorgeous, although it was a little chilly. My favorite part was probably getting to spend time with my sisters and introduce my date to them, since he had never met any of them.

In order for all of our members and their dates to get to the plantation at once and be on time for everything, we took two school busses from Hanover. It would seem like that would be the last thing you wanted to do before a dance but it wasn’t a long ride and it was pretty fun. Before the dance began, my diamond family and I went outside and we took lots of pictures together and my date and I got some really good ones as well. Then we all went inside and listened to the speeches and while I don’t know a lot of the seniors this year, some of them did make me tear up, especially when their little started to cry.

My big, great grandbig, grandbig, and myself!
My big, great grandbig, grandbig, and myself!

Afterwards we ate and then went and danced the night away. It was so much fun to see all of the sisters out and having a good time together and getting to meet everyone’s date. It was a lot like a prom, especially since at mine it was catered, but I think it was so much more fun having my sisters there to make memories with them all. Each sorority and fraternity have different formals; at different times and different places that I hear are a lot of fun, but I am so glad that my first formal was with my sisters.

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