Letter to Mi Hermanito

Dear brother,

You’ll be graduating high school soon and I’ll be crying like a baby at your graduation.




Dear high school senior,

I’m going to help you and be there for you after we graduate. There’s a huge adventure waiting to happen.


College senior


Dear hermano,

I know it’s been tough senior year with family. It’s been hard keeping in touch with your phone being taken away so much by Papi. Keep in touch. Know that i love you.

With love,

Your older sister


Cello duo for salon volunteering event
Cello duo for salon volunteering event

Dear talented hermanito,

Wherever you end up, know that you can count on me. Know your talents. You play the cello amazingly, you’re a realist. You make it fun. You keep the good memories.

Instagram video


Your talented sister


Dear Pre-med Music Major,

Read the books assigned. Highlight, take notes, ask questions, meet with professors after class, brainstorm with classmates. Edit, edit, and edit all your papers. They’re called ‘rough’ drafts for a reason.


English Major, music minor


Hey bro,

It’s okay to be weak. It’s okay to cry. It’s better than okay to ask for help. Hanover has the point and other landmarks on campus where I’ve shouted and cried out my frustrations. I have a friend who would cry in her closet. A professor who had cried driving to work when. We’re all human.

From your wise and emotional sister


La familia

Dear fam,

Freshman year is going to be so much fun. It’ll be so weird to be independent. At least, it was for me. Remember the basics: three meals a day, stretching, kung fu practice, drinking lots of water, and sleep.


Your passionate older sister who forgot all of the above for a bit.


Hello little one,

Ask for help. Sophomore and junior will be traumatizing. You’ll start to understand the bad in the world. Like really bad. Talk to a counselor, start a work out routine that will release all that stress, find an accepting and loving community. That’s what has really helped me.




Dear teenager,

Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is key. Be patient with the knowledge you acquire. And use it for good. Don’t start learning about concepts of feminism and not do anything about it. Participate in organizations. Learn about how the world is messed up so you can be a part of fixing it.


Campus social activist


Do you wanna build a snowman?
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Dear sweet, little brother,

Stay sweet. Don’t bottle up all that anger. In the end, it hurts you the most. Forgive quickly. Forgiving is just the surface level. Once acceptance occurs, then you can really scratch underneath the surface. People are different and won’t always align with your views. They are all still human beings who deserve respect.


Your caring sister


Dear Peruvian kid,

You are a kid with a different background. Remember that everyone has a story. Those cafeteria lunch workers? Treat them with respect. Say please and thank you. Manners matter.


Food service worker


P.S. I’ve used my time at college to really learn about myself and how I interact with others. College is one milestone. I still have so much more to learn in grad school and law school. So, stress the small details but also remember the big picture.


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