Get a Portable Hard Drive/Reduce Your Chance of a Heart Attack in College

This week has probably been the worst week of my entire college career.
Never have I ever had this much stress all at once.
Monday started out okay. I was very productive at the beginning: I went to the gym instead of taking a nap in between classes like I normally tend to do (and go to the gym after dinner). But on Monday I was like – no, I’m even going to try to brush my hair every day.
And then Tuesday came and was like – LOL I don’t think so.
I woke up to a text message from the past… Let’s just leave it at that. Breakups are hard, even if you somehow have enough strength to move on. Nonetheless, your memories from the past unfortunately don’t go anywhere.
So that was my morning. The rest of the day I planned on spending at the library to write a draft for my research paper that was due on Thursday. I just wanted to write maybe about a half and leave the rest for Wednesday. I was sacrificing a sunny warm day outside to be inside and write my nth research paper. And not only I was sacrificing good weather, but also not seeing my group of friends. It’s only been two weeks but we vibe so well together that it feels like we’ve been friends for years.
I finally get off work at the library. I’m extremely excited to just go to bed and finish my paper the next day, when I take out my laptop from my backpack… It’s clearly working very hard and it’s very hot. The screen has random words on it and my heart drops to my heels. I’m breathing heavily and trying to calm myself. I clicked on F2 and after 30 minutes, all my work from the day was gone.
Oh and did I mention that I also had 2 tests on Friday? So it’s almost as if I wasted an entire day. I may as well have gone on a hike with my friends; it all just felt like getting punched in the stomach.
I’m just glad that before this semester began, I got a portable hard drive and saved all my photography, music, and school work. I’m just lazy and I always forget to save everything to my hard drive at the end of the day. So it could’ve been much MUCH worse. At least I only had to restart on that paper and nothing else, like a senior thesis? If that got erased right before I had to turn it in, I would probably flip every table in the library and get fired.
Now my laptop has been at the IT since Wednesday morning and the lovely IT people are trying to recover whatever they can from it.
Lesson learned. Get a portable hard drive, USE IT, and reduce a chance of a heart attack in college because classes are already kicking everyone’s butts.

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