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It’s that time again, most of you know where you want to go and are now thinking about how to decorate the place you will be living at for most of next year. There is a bunch of stuff to figure out like how will I rearrange the room? Will all of my stuff fit? Is there room for a futon? The rooms are a decent size, but you definitely don’t want it to feel crowded. Giving it a homey touch works too. My roommate and I have pictures of our family and friends on our walls. I brought a stuffed animal from home that my best friend from back home gave me. It makes living away from home a lot easier. This is how Hanover starts to feel like home.

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There are millions of ways to rearrange a room. I give a thumbs up to Hanover for giving us fairly large rooms. I’ve seen dorms at other campuses and man, can they be small.  The possibilities are endless especially if you loft your bed. If you plan it out, you can almost have a cave beneath your bed. Kind of a cool place to study. I know that for spring term, my roommate and I are going to rearrange our room once we bring some stuff home. Yes, I was one of those people that brought way to much stuff to college.

Part of Our Room
Part of Our Room

Of course, when you’re a freshman, you have to live in the freshman dorms, but after that you have a lot of options like Crowe, Wiley, Ogle, Greenwood, etc. All of these are nice places to live. I have a friend who lives in Greenwood and it’s great. They have their own living room and bathrooms. I will be living in Crowe next year in a double. There are suits in Crowe too. To get a better glimpse of the housing options visit here!

Living Room At Greenwood (they have started to take things home)
Living Room At Greenwood

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