Behind the Uniform

catering groupI cried my first time catering at the college. It was during the rush of serving all the guests food. My eyes watery as I placed the food on the table and rushed back to my next task. It was a large banquet at the Campus Center dining room serving some formal dinner I can’t remember.

It takes a lot of arm strength to cater. And so much organization. My catering supervisor at the time was extremely helpful and gave the best directions. From folding the napkins to introducing yourself to the customers. If I had any question, she would answer in detail.


I started the second term of the school year and it was my first job. Until college, my dad always told me that studying was my job and that I get paid by scholarships. Now, senior year and all, I’ve been able to start paying for school all on my own! It feels great. I work with Sodexo at the school around 30 hours a week and in turn give all the money I earn back to the school so I can pay with my own money rather than added loans.

However, the more I work, the more disconnected I feel with my peers. Closing Papa Johns at 10 gets extremely frustrating when other students come in at 9:58. I scream in my head thinking, I’m the same as you. I have to study, too. I have so much more on my plate. A pity party, basically. One that I need to level down.

I remember catering during August Experience is always a bit discomforting. I have to serve my peers and incoming first years. The feeling is always as if my face is a blank slate and all people can see is my uniform.

While I’m grateful to have my job, I also appreciate any please, thank you, or have a nice day from the customers…my peers.

Food service has its benefits. There’s been some fun moments in catering and great memories with my coworkers. Singing to Rihanna’s ‘Work’ song with my friends when opening the Underground is silly and memorable.

Gala 2015
Gala 2015


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