What I Will Miss the Most

“Senioritis” has kicked in really hard this past week. I don’t want to do anything. I have time to study and get all of my work done, but I honestly would rather just lay here and take a nap. Perhaps I would like to take multiple naps, who knows? Last night a few of us went out for a night hike. We trudged down the Switch Back and into Happy Valley with some firewood and hammocks. The air was so crisp and gentle I knew it would be perfect bonfire weather.

Donner after the storm.

We crossed the creek by the illumination of our flashlights from our dying phones and made it to the fire pit. It took a minute to get everything set up and comfortable, but once we were settled it was magical. Our hammocks were set up like bunk beds next to the fire and we had bottles of wine to keep us warm. Yes, we are all obviously of legal drinking age at this point. A few friends passed by who were off on their own adventures and we played games and just had fun. It was this, I remember thinking to myself, that I will miss the most. I will miss hanging out with my friends and even meeting new ones. I will miss having conversations that make you laugh so hard you nearly cry. I will miss the ease of walking not five minutes from campus and down into a perfect camping spot. I will miss the sound of the creek and the crackling of firewood while sitting, squished, next to my friends in our hammocks.

I still have “senioritis” of course, but last night made me realize that I shouldn’t want this to be over yet. I need to go out a few more times and meet new people even though I only have a month or so left to really know them. I need to make the most of my last days here at Hanover which I know I will miss when I graduate. I want to go on more night hikes and goof off before the dread of a full time job hits me. I want to spend more time with my roommate and go to new places before we get separated. I know when I graduate I will see these people again, if the effort is made, but I also know that it will just not be the same.

College is a time that stresses you out and makes you wish you could just run across the stage and grab your diploma. But it’s also a time when you can discover more about yourself and who you want to be. It’s a time that you can walk outside and run into a myriad of your friends without having to pick up your phone. It’s a time for adventure and spontaneity. I will miss it. I will miss it all so much. But I know I’m ready to move on and start my career. I just hope you, whoever reads this, understands not to take this time for granted.


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