But Did You REALLY Accomplish Nothing?

It is becoming that time of year again. A time I like to call “The Slug”. We have ALL had those days where we feel like nothing is getting done and everything seems impossible. I have those days 8 out of 7 the days in week. All of your classes are becoming really demanding, homework is piling up, extra-curriculars are all holding events at the same time, it’s nice out and you want to spend your time anywhere but inside, and your face becomes a campground of mucus and itchiness because ALLERGIES ARE LITERALLY THE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN WHY ARE THEY HERE I AM TIRED OF CHRONIC NOSE BLEEDS. It is just a terrible time for all.

If you are like me, you have so much work to do you decide to take a nap and hope it is all gone when you wake up. It won’t be. You become so overwhelmed you just can’t do anything. It’s a terrible plague and makes me feel like I am not a productive member of society. However, someone once told me a way to combat this terrible illness and I think it is time to pass on these words of wisdom in a time of need.

Make a list. No, not a normal to-do list that lasts forever. That is a one-way ticket to existential crisis station and no one wants to be there. Make a list of 3 basic things you need to do that day. Basic as in brushing your hair. I am not kidding. My list usually goes something along the lines of;Water

  1. Eat breakfast. I am terrible about this one. Having an 8am is rough, but an 8am with a grumbly stomach is THE WORST. I also find that when I have breakfast before class, I am generally more awake. Nothing like snoring through a class of 15 people.
  2. Drink 2 water bottles of water. Water consumption is important. We know that. But to those of us who aren’t athletes, how much water we really drinking regularly? That’s what I thought. Not only is it healthy but it is a task that could potentially take the whole day to complete. Great for procrastinators.
  3. Take a shower. I will admit, this one is difficult for me. Never ask me the longest time between showers I have had. I want to keep my friends thank you. Taking a shower is one of the feel good, rejuvenating, life changing experiences. You just feel better after you do it. Taking time to clean yourself and rock out with acoustics only a shower provides, is one of life’s great pleasures.

See? If you can complete everything that is on your list for that day you have accomplished something. Not everyday is going to be super productive and rewarding, but knowing you have done 3 things for yourself will make you feel happier and more motivated the next day. After a while, your tasks won’t seem so tiresome or impossible. So get out there and accomplish something!


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