Adventure Time

Not going to lie, seeing how beautiful Hanover is and knowing they had hiking trails was one of the major deciding factors for me to come here. Who wants to stay four years at a boring- looking campus? Not me. It’s great to get out of class on Friday and enjoy nature. You will see people outside reading a book, laying in a hammock on any nice afternoon. One of my favorite pastimes here is to go hiking. If you get a little group together, it is super fun. Part of the Frisbee team went hiking the other day and it was a blast! We ventured to Buddha’s Belly and the Acre.

Buddha's Belly
Buddha’s Belly

Buddha’s Belly is a rock formation underneath a waterfall that really does look like a belly. I don’t think a picture can truly capture its magnificence. It is really neat to see it in person. The Acre is a small structure out in the woods with a bench near it. It is tradition to sign your name there if you go, but someone needs to take you there. My RA took me at the very beginning of this year. Of course, there are many more beauties of nature to find on Hanover’s hiking trails. Some people make it their goal to find them. I believe there is a rope swing somewhere. No matter if you’re looking for a certain spot or just having fun, you will be sure to make some memories. Sometimes it is nice to simply go outside and have a breath of fresh air, away from homework, away from worries. Who knows, you might find something no one else has found before.


A nice thing about the hiking trails, is that some teachers will take you out to them. My biology teacher took us on a tour at the very beginning of the year and showed us different types of plants. What’s really cool is that a tornado came through Hanover years and years ago, but you can see the effect of that in the woods. You almost have a “new” section where there are a lot ofyoung trees growing. I know of a theology class that goes on the hiking trails to journal about nature. You can learn more about Hanover’s campus or learn about the surrounding area by clicking here, enjoy!


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