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About a week ago I met some really cool people.
And they’re freshmen. Like, wut? Freshmen? I’m a senior! And then I meet these really cool people and come to the conclusion that I’m FINALLY doing college right.
I wish I was as cool as they are now when I first came to Hanover over three years ago. I told them that last night and my best friend, Kala, agreed.
Freshmen this year are so effin’ cool and it makes me feel better about myself that so many of them choose to hang out with me and deal with my obnoxious laughter.

Our freshmen babies <3
Our freshmen babies <3

I have never laughed this much in my entire life as much as I did last night. My abs literally hurt from laughing. I was so cold, it was so dark outside, there were so many people that I hung out for the first time ever, and we were in the middle of the road at 2 in the morning laughing uncontrollably. This is why I finally feel like I’m doing college right. I did a good portion of my homework during the day and spent at least 3 hours in the library before I was able to “reward” myself by letting myself hang out with my friends.
Every time I feel like I have some “free” time, I guilt myself into thinking that I should continue doing homework ahead of time because in college there is no such thing as “free” time. But the reality is that I can’t keep doing homework and other related school work non-stop. I can’t. I need to allow myself to have a break every now and then because no matter how much sleep I got, I won’t be able to focus if I haven’t had any “me” or my time with friends. Which is why I’m so glad I met these wonderful people a week ago. It’s very unfortunate that Kala and I met them a week ago and missed an entire fall term without meeting each other, but it’s better late than ever.
In college, even one year difference can seem huge because many people are still in their high school mojo but I know that once everyone officially grows up and graduate, three year difference won’t even be as much as a thought in people’s heads. I’m just glad that I became one of those seniors that freshmen want to hang out with because that’s what I was going after my freshman year.

These lovely ladies
These lovely ladies

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