Being Involved

Over my past three years at Hanover College, I have found one thing incredibly easy on this campus: being involved.  Because we are such a small and close-knit community it is not difficult at all to be involved in student organizations.

As a High School student, I found it difficult going to such a large school to find a group or club where I felt passionate being a part of it.  At Hanover, I have found the opposite.  My first year I joined the Greek community, which was the best decision I made.  Joining this network of organizations across campus opened up so many other possibilities for me to easing connect with other groups I feel proud to contribute to.

As the current President of two student organizations, I can honestly say that Hanover has led me to numerous leadership opportunities.  In addition to leadership opportunities, Hanover provides incredible philanthropic programs.  Every Greek chapter has a philanthropy organization, and they have events raising money for these organizations.  In addition to Greek chapters, there are multiple other philanthropy groups on campus that are constantly holding events and providing opportunities to work in the community and help others.

Because of Hanover College, I have realized how great of a reward it is to be able to help people both locally and nationally!  Without the groups and opportunities Hanover has provided, I never would have been able to come to this realization, and I can speak for others in our community when saying we are all grateful for these opportunities.

Members of Phi Mu, Rho Chapter participating in Hanover College's Dance Marathon
Members of Phi Mu, Rho Chapter participating in Hanover College’s Dance Marathon

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