What Classes Should I Take?

Alright, it’s that time of year again. It is time to schedule out my classes for the next school year. This time can be a little stressful, especially if you are trying to juggle a couple of majors or minors at once. At the current moment, I am on the Pre-medical track with a Biology major and maybe some minors in Economics and Kinesiology. This will probably change soon to be honest, but that’s okay. Luckily, there are Academic Advisors to make sure you keep on track and have everything you need. It’s a true blessing. Also, on [my.hanover] provides an outline of a schedule for anyone who is Pre-med. It really helps out. In addition, I have talked to other professors to see what I should be doing and to plan further ahead. It is always good to look down the road a little bit. You do not want to be in your third year and realize you are missing requirements for your major.

Premedical Schedule
Premedical Schedule

My attentive schedule does not look too bad right now. It’s a little bit simplified right now. I am one of those people who just want their classes all in a row so I have more time in the evenings. Of course, you will be able to schedule classes to have breaks. Since I am a science major, I will always have labs. Luckily, those are my only classes Tuesday and Thursday. Mind you, they are still several hours long, but that’s okay. Hard work never killed anyone. If you want to check out some other options for classes, maybe get a head start on your years at Hanover, here is a link to the course catalog.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-9:10 Health& Fitness Health& Fitness Health& Fitness
9:20-10:30 Genetics Lab Genetics Genetics
10:40-11:50 Principles of Micro. Principles of Micro. Principles of Micro.
12:00-1:10 Organic Chem. Organic Chem. Lab Organic Chem.
1:20-2:30 Theology Theology Theology

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