The Benefits of an On Campus Job

Coming into college I knew one thing to be absolute: Hanover was pretty pricey.  I also knew that financial aid was going to be a huge help, and that the school was willing to work with us to make it affordable.  This being said, as a person who has had a job since the age of 14,  I knew I couldn’t spend four years without an income.

Upon arriving at Hanover, I started applying at places in downtown Madison and found a job being a hostess/server.  At first, I loved my job.  I was making cash tips plus a paycheck and I was still having enough time for school work.  Then I started taking classes for my major, and I realized I was not having enough time to spend on homework and studying that I should be.  I decided to start applying for jobs on campus.

I applied for many jobs on Hanover’s campus, and I first was hired at the Shoebox, which is the on campus restaurant run by students.  As a fellow Business Scholar I knew of the restaurant and loved the idea that it was run by us as students.  I also loved being able to work somewhere that was a 2 minute walk from my dorm, and I still had more than enough time to study and get my homework done.

Three years later, and I am the Student Director of Marketing and Event Planning for the Shoebox as well as still working in the kitchen.  I have loved being able to support myself with my own campus job and it is very beneficial in the long run.

Shameless plug: Come check us out at the Shoebox!

The Shoebox!

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