Take Time for Sunsets

I’m caught off guard with recent weather changes, in a good way. I’m happy that the sun is finally out (when it doesn’t rain because gotta love living in Midwest) and I’m starting to get a noticeable tan after being in the sun during a men’s lacrosse game this past Saturday. Being in the sun makes me so, oh so happy. Everyone seems to be in a better mood right away too; being in those good vibes makes me happy from seeing other people being happy.
I think I’m genuinely a happy person. I try not to take things for granted and enjoy free and simple things in life, like sunsets.
About two years ago when I was back in Lexington for summer break and working two jobs, I kept going to this park, Hays Kennedy, while I was visiting friends in Louisville. One of those evenings, we got sushi and went to sit by the river and have our own little picnic at the beach. It was wonderful – warm summer night with a warm summer breeze – couldn’t ask for a better setting. Another good part of that evening was the fact that I had my Canon with me. We were eating sushi and this photograph happened.

Hays Kennedy Park, Louisville
Hays Kennedy Park, Louisville

It was the best timing. I almost dropped sushi because I knew I had to make this image happen.
A few weeks later, we came back to the park (but without sushi :(). I didn’t have my Canon but I had my iPhone as I always do. So this image happened.

Hays Kennedy Park, Louisville
Hays Kennedy Park, Louisville

Both of the images were taken in literally the same spot, just on a different day. It got me thinking – why don’t we take time for sunsets? All sunsets are different, kind of like snow flakes; none of them are identical. I think it’s very intriguing because when I watch a sunset, it’s like I’ve reached nirvana and found inner peace. I don’t think it’s possible to be angry if you’re looking at a sunset either, which is why during that summer I made it a goal to go and look at sunsets no matter how tired I am after work. It’s free, it’s peaceful, it’s beautiful. Everyone should make it their goal! Don’t miss a great shot, don’t miss a great opportunity to have a wonderful evening whether you’re with someone or not.
Every time I look back at those photos, I think of the time and the person that I was with, the person that I was during that particular moment, and of how I felt. It’s all great memories, no matter how things have changed since then because there are always more sunsets and more memories to make.

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