My Last ‘Dead Week’ as an Undergraduate

Am I the only one who feels as if this semester started like a week ago?
I mean, it snowed on Friday morning, then it hailed in the afternoon… Just the usual weather for Indiana, I guess? But I think the weather plays a major part of this semester not feeling it has gone at all. I’m still wearing my Timberlands and beanies like spring never came.
I cannot wait for this semester to end and hopefully by that time, we’ll all be wearing appropriate weather for April.
My Dead Week is going to suck so much. I already know that I won’t have any time to socialize with my friends, except maybe for dinner; because for the first time in my college career, I don’t have any finals during finals week, which is good and bad. Good, because I’ll just stay on campus and secretly make fun of my friends that aren’t as fortunate to not have an extra week for spring break; bad because I so much that’s due on Friday and I’m at the point of just laughing nervously and being like “wow, I could so easily freak out right now.”

My life in a nutshell
My life in a nutshell

Nonetheless, I prefer to be officially done with this semester A$AP Rocky and get all stress out all at once because based off my week when my laptop crashed, I apparently do a great job when I’m under pressure.
I know that when Monday morning hits me, I’m going to be way less enthused than I am right now but I would rather be too optimistic in my brain cells, which are responsible for my school work, than to be cynical and radiate melancholic vibes to people that are around me.
On Saturday I should’ve spent more time preparing for this week but I couldn’t resist the sunny weather ( even though it was very cold still), so here I am stuck in the computer lab trying to get my life together, per usual. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve been through worse, like the time I was going to Chile and had to pack for two seasons, on top of 4 finals, 3 papers, and about 4 hours of sleep for a week. Doesn’t sound too shabby to me. What I’m going to do is think of dead week as my huge pre-treatyoself and how I’ll be able to sleep for as long as I want, starting the upcoming Friday night.
Like I keep telling myself, I have to finish my Senior year with a bang; I’ll put all of my heart and soul into this week and then rejuvenate in sunny, warm weather in my hammock by the Point.

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