My Grass is Green Enough

Sometimes, you feel a little insignificant. If you are like me, you tend to think so hard about life you have an existential crisis because the universe is literally infinite and here I am wondering if pickles and peanut butter are actually a good food combination or if I am just really hungry.

I graduated from high school in 2014 and was told by my parents I had to take a year off and work fulltime so I could help pay for Hanover. I was upset at first, but soon realized that Hanover was the only place I wanted to go and my time off would be worth it. I moved out, got a job, paid bills, became a real adult, and made enough money to get myself to school. It was a hard year, not going to school like all of my friends were, living in downtown Indianapolis, and juggling savings and bills, but I did it. I earned it, and it felt great.

Coming to Hanover, was a culture shock. I had gone to a very large, diverse high school of races, ethnicities, socioeconomic households, and childhood backgrounds, that is about three times the size of this quaint liberal arts college.

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19th birthday in big kid apartment

Hanover, as great as it is, is not that. Not only that, but it quickly occurred to me that a lot of students here haven’t really ever been exposed to “the real world”. Sure almost everyone on campus, tries to have a job or helps with school but for a lot of the students, going to college wherever they wanted was never something they had to worry about. Again, most students do receive some sort of financial aid, which also makes Hanover really attractive, but there is a certain pride I feel for my acceptance and enrollment I don’t think I share with many others.


Sure, I would have loved to come to school “on time” and be really close friends with my fellow 2014 graduates, but I am so grateful for where I am. I can’t imagine coming to Hanover and not being friends with my roommate or crazy blue hair boy wonder. Having college handed to me on a silver plate would have been much easier. But I learned a lot, I have more motivation to do well, and I am a better person. So maybe the grass is greener on the other side, but having to tend to and work at my grass makes it just green enough thank you.

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