It’s not you, it’s me: my break from the Duggan library

During school, I basically live in the library. I eat, sleep, work and oh yeah, study there too. It’s been like that since my freshmen year. It’s a very bittersweet place for me. I know I’m going to miss it after I graduate but for now, I need some space, library. It’s not you, it’s me. You did nothing wrong. Maybe I should get out there more. I mean, I am only 22. There are other libraries out there for me to check out (if you know what I mean teehee). You’ll find someone else to sleep on your couch.
But seriously.
The first half of winter term has been extremely tough for seniors. I would say especially me, but I know I’m not the only one who hasn’t been sleeping more than 3 hours per night for a few weeks. Senior thesis, on top of four classes (for which professors of course want me to treat it as the only class I’m taking), work, and trying to keep my sanity by having somewhat of a social life on weekends. It’s been rough. I thought fall term was bad, but nope, winter term was like a cherry on top of it all. But I have survived the first half. I finished writing my senior thesis, I wrote all my papers on time, and I even managed to make new friends in the meantime.
Now that I’m home for the break, I don’t care what everyone else is doing because I just want to SLEEP. I want to be a lazy piece of poop, lay in my bed, binge watch Netflix, and eat Cheetos. Well, of course I won’t be doing that every day because it’s in my nature to feel accomplished by the end of the day. But I’ve done that for the past two days and it’s been so needed.
I have so many things to take care of while I’m home for the break. I have so many responsibilities for a 22-year-old. It all just reminds me that after May, it’s going to get so much more tough for me. Honestly, there’s nothing that I can’t handle. I’m really looking forward to being out in the real world and not have to go to the library at least twice a day. I’ll probably end up being one of those posers at coffee shops with their laptops because I can’t work from home. I would love to, but my dogs will always run up to my room and give me those puppy eyes because I’m not playing with them.
Soon this break will be over and until I graduate, I’ll cave in and be back on your couch, library. No coffee shops will replace your always open doors.

Officially done with my senior thesis!
Officially done with my senior thesis!

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