An Education Here VS. An Education There

One of the most attractive features of Hanover College is that you are guaranteed a world class education. Whether you are studying aboard or staying on campus. This is where you will be pushed your hardest, for anyone looking for a science major, this is the place you want to be. You won’t be taught by a TA here, no no. You will be taught by Professors who are passionate about their subject and are willing to help. With no doubt, they will prepare you for the next step in your life. In my case, the next step means medical school. My current biology teacher is definitely preparing me for med school. I know my whole class was caught off guard by the first exam he gave. I can assure you, I wasn’t too happy with the first grade. Luckily he expected that and offered a retake. The first exam drove home just how much effort you actually have to put into the class. This is the time where you, as a student, will figure out what you like and enjoy doing. This is the time when you decided what you want to stick with, what you are willing to work for. Last minute studying will only get you so far. I enjoy the challenge and I’m keeping the class. The first test grade, for any class, shouldn’t be discouraging. Of course, another test was coming up. This time I was going to be prepared. I did the exercises, I studied and drew structures out. In the end, the hard work paid off. I received an A for my effort.A It was the best feeling ever! Click here if you want to know more about the biology department and the teachers


What’s the point of the story I just told? The point is Hanover is a place where you will grow. There will be times that it seems hopeless and you get caught up in the grade. After it is all said and done, it is worth it. You will learn the material, not just memorize it. You will see how everything relates and interconnects. This is the type of education Hanover College will offer. Shout out to all of the great teachers here! Also, Hanover is one of the few colleges that offer students the unique opportunity to work with cadavers. This would be a great opportunity for anyone thinking about the medical field. If you want to learn some more about Hanover academics, just click here 

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