Living With A Roommate

All my life I’ve only ever known, two rooms. The one I lived in before we moved and the one I lived in until I came to college. That’s why I took choosing where I was going to live very seriously. As a freshman, you don’t have a lot of options but you can definitely make the most of it. I chose to live in Donner, the all girls dorm, and was so excited! I had been looking forward to moving in for almost a year! I definitely hoped my roommate and I would be best friends and while we weren’t, I did learn some valuable things from living with her and then later with one of my friends.

Donner First North celebrated our Resident Assistant (RA)'s birthday
Donner First North celebrated our Resident Assistant (RA)’s birthday

Be Courteous

Don’t turn on the room light when they’re sleeping, being quiet when getting ready, and don’t take up more than your half of the room, no matter how that half is split up. My second roommate and I would rearrange our room quite a bit because we were always concerned about space and if we were taking more than we should have. But that was definitely the fun part! We could always try something new.

Set Up Your Own Firm Rules

The R.A.’s job is to make sure that your living experience is the best that it can possibly be and one way they do that is by a roommate contract/agreement. It’s simple questions such as when you go to sleep, whether you listen to music studying, things like that. Sometimes those can change as you go along and you ALWAYS have to be open and let your roommate know. “What time do you have class? What’s your schedule look like?” and questions like those are important ones to ask your roommate.  Whatever their answer is should not affect yours because otherwise; there could be some issues. If they like to get up at 6:00 AM, you should know that, if you hit the snooze button five times before you get up, they should know that. And if you know they have a 10 AM but they’re still asleep at 9:45, you should probably ask if they’re going to class. But if you don’t know what time their class is, don’t feel bad when you’re late for your 9AM and they’re still sleeping. I accidentally woke up my second roommate once because I thought she had class when she didn’t.

And finally: You Might Be Best Friends and You Might Not

At the end of the day, your college experience is not dependent on whether you and your roommate are best friends and if you are, that’s fantastic. The important thing is that you feel welcome and like you can spend as much or as little time in your room as you want. Living in a dorm is fun, and it should always feel that way, you will make friends whether it’s your roommate or your hallmates.

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