Why Hanover?

As a Junior at Hanover, I have had a lot of time to think about the decision process I went through when choosing where to go to school. As a senior in high school I only applied to two schools: Hanover and a state university.  Obviously, these schools would be very, very different in many ways, such as population, curriculum, etc.  Not once have I regretted my decision to come to Hanover!

I think one of the things I found most appealing about Hanover was the small class sizes.  Coming from a graduating high school class of 750, I had become accustomed to sitting in class with 20+ other students.  At Hanover, many classes are much smaller and intimate than this.  My freshman year Spring Term class had 2 students!  I think this small size can only be beneficial because you are able to create a better professor/student relationship.  They learn more about you as a student which makes it easier to cater to your academic strengths. With small classes you are also required to participate more, which increases your knowledge consumption.

Another appealing aspect of Hanover is the close knit community the campus provides.  It is very easy to get involved at Hanover and there are a great deal of organizations and clubs to participate in.  The closeness of Hanover also leads to an incredible alumni base, which is very helpful when looking for an internship or a job!

If you are having to make a decision between schools, do not overlook Hanover for being “too small.”  The opportunities at Hanover are endless!

Hanover in the winter is beautiful
Hanover in the winter is beautiful. Photo by Samantha McCain.

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