You Are Totally My BFFLNMW

Those who improv together, stay together
Those who improv together, stay together

You, are TOTALLY my BFFLNMW. My Best Friend For Life No Matter What. This is how I pictured my friend experience starting college. I wanted a group of friends that would be with me through the rest of my life. People I could count on for those late night conversations and inside jokes. The typical college friendship to tell my kids about. It wasn’t until about, I don’t know, three weeks in, did I realize that that is not what a college friendship works.

I recently joined an organization on campus called Delight. We meet once a week to discuss our life with Christ and how great he is. Admittedly, I am not the most spiritual of my friends. But the community is vibrant and the women are genuine and they make me feel at home. Our conversation this week was about the friendships we foster at school and how they effect our lives. We discussed the importance of getting past the superficial friendships and finding those friendships that keep us accountable and push us to do our best, and not those that we find convenient. True friendships that grow everyday and the ones you put effort into, those are going to be the ones that last.

Best friends dye each other's hair
Best friends dye each other’s hair

So flashback to first semester Emily, wanting to find the friends she felt comfortable going out with and having a good time on the weekends. Total bust. Going out with different people every weekend ended up being a job and not leading to any real connections. I was finding myself with people I had nothing in common with. Sure we shared some good stories but nothing that was life lasting. It wasn’t until I started investing in my friendships did I truly find those meaningful connections.

Fast forward to now and I can honestly say I have never been happier with my friends. These people I know I can come to for a good laugh, a long talk, a weekend hike, a night out, a night in, and honest to goodness life advice. We go to brunch every weekend, we stay up talking, laughing, sometimes crying into the wee hours of the night. We are 100% committed to our relationships to one another. I met my best friend Sam at karaoke where I taught him my go to move “the white man’s overbite”. My roommate Madison and I are the roommate goals for our hall because we balance each other in the best way and we are actually friends. Our friend Natalie, we welcomed her with open arms after we discovered our similar passion for Parks and Rec. Bailey, my RA, has been more like an older sister than rule enforcer. Not to mention the amazing people I get to do improv with every week. My life would less thrilling without them. I couldn’t imagine my college life without these friendships.

Best friends, different homes
Best friends, different homes


I think the importance of a college friendship is not what you do, but who you do it with. My experience at college has only been enhanced by these people. Overall, I find myself happier, more excited about life and knowing I get to share it with these people. That is how your friendships should feel coming into college. Building you up and exciting you, not making you feel like you have to work for them. So find those people who can praise you at your best and comfort you at your worst. Those people with be your best friends for life no matter what.

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