What to do on the weekend?

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone’s weekend went well. I was super pumped that the Broncos won the Super Bowl, mostly because of Peyton Manning. There was a lot that went on this weekend. I know that for some people, being on a small campus can seem to be monotonous, but it isn’t. It’s actually quite busy. For example on Friday night: I went out and played Ultimate Frisbee with my friends, then afterwards attended Las Vegas night being hosted in the WAC. This is an event that people can dress up for and you can gamble (of course it’s not for real money) and you can get tickets to enter to win some pretty cool prizes. It’s a win-win situation! Now afterwards, it was a NEED to go get a milkshake and I didn’t do all that running earlier for nothing, right? Milkshakes on campus at The Shoe Box are the best! Now my Saturday was a bit more relaxed, I did homework and went out with my parents who came to visit. There was also a basketball game that afternoon and our Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are AMAZING. It was exciting to see everyone there and support our Panthers. We won 78-73! Then we finally have Sunday, it was a bit more festive because of the Super Bowl and I went to the Ultimate Frisbee team’s get together. Of course there were other options like going to the Shoebox, ordering food and watching the game.


Even if there aren’t special events going on, there are still fun things to do during the weekend like hiking (weather permitted). You can’t go to Hanover and not take advantage of the beautiful campus. For goodness-sake, we are basically on the river! Even in winter, everything from the trees to the buildings are cloaked with a white sheet which has a calming effect. There is usually a huge event going on every weekend too. Like a couple of weeks ago Sweet Honey and the Rock came to perform. Their music was great and very upbeat. Each song carried its own message too. Of course, there are always those random things that come up to fill your time like taking a trip to St. Mathew’s mall and going shopping for the day or doing a movie night with a bunch of friends. No matter what it is, I guarantee that you will never be bored at Hanover College.forest

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