Being a Vegetarian in College

At nine years old I decided to stop eating meat.  The idea of it freaked me out, my mom did it, and my summer camp had better vegetarian options than the meat ones. Eight years later and I was still going strong.  Then I went to college.

Upon arriving at Hanover College, I was very worried about my dietary options.  I had heard horror stories about students gaining 10-15 pounds in their first couple semesters from eating horribly.  I was scared my only dining hall option would be pizza and I would end up becoming unhealthy.

These thoughts were far from correct.  Hanover College uses Sodexo for their dining services and in the three years I have been a student here the level of food has only gone up.  Spending my first year as a student with a meal plan I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of options available to non-meat eaters at every meal.  A top notch salad bar is always well stocked for anyone who wants to grab some greens, vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

The past two years I have spent living in my sorority house where we do not have meal plans but a wonderful house mom who also doubles as our cook. This also worried me, because this year I have been the only vegetarian (who tried a vegan diet the past couple of months) living in our house.  I was very happy to find that our cook will always make me my own separate meal if what is being served does not fit into my diet, and she is always open to my meal ideas.

If you are a prospective student with a different diet than others, or if you have allergies or strange eating habits, you should not be concerned about this when coming to Hanover.  In my experience our campus has been very accommodating!


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