NBA: Hanover Edition

Did that title catch your attention?  I’m sure it made you think, “Seriously? The NBA at Hanover?”  Well, you are exactly correct in thinking that.  Our NBA (or WNBA) comes in the form of intramural basketball.

Yet another fantastic aspect of Hanover College is our intramural sports.  Anyone can form a team and we have basketball, kickball, volleyball, and even soccer throughout the year.  Intramurals are a fantastic way to stay active and get some exercise in without all the monotony of the gym.  Growing up as an athlete my entire life transitioning to not playing a sport in college came as somewhat of a shock. Participating in intramurals are a great way to stay in the habit of being athletic.

The great thing about intramural sports, specifically basketball because we are currently in season, is that at Hanover no one cares if you’re good.  Seriously.  A group of my sorority sisters and I have had the same team since freshman year (the BangerZ with a 2-50 record) and the games are a great way to run around, have fun, and create some friendly competition on campus.

Games are often in the evenings and last around 40 minutes.  Hanover classes can be stressful, and intramurals can be a great way to rewind with friends and let some stress out.  You may only win 2 games in 4 years, but the memories made are the true victory.

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