LDR: How do we deal with the long distance?

I met my boyfriend freshman year. I am now a senior, he’s graduated, living four plus hours away from me. No big deal.

Spa date
Spa date

I got to see him early this month before school started, luckily. And next month, he’ll be driving to see me the day after comps, a nice celebration. The relationship has stayed strong, we love our conversations, I still blush at his compliments. It’s sweet. And sometimes, it’s lonely. He works late nights and I have class during the day.

So how do we deal with it all?

  1. We talk as much as we can on the phone. Even if it’s a few seconds of a good night. Sometimes, I come to my dorm room tired and frustrated with school. It’s college and I’m about to go through the hardest transition in my life after I graduate. I just want to go to sleep. Then Matt texts me, “can I say good night?” “Of course,” I reply. He calls, tells me good night, tells me he loves me. A much better ending to my night.
  2. We plan for the future. It’s nice having a countdown for the next month, next week, next day we’ll be physically next to each other. Maybe we talk about marriage. But many times I just like talking about being a lawyer someday while he talks about working for ESPN. We’d be the top alumni Hanover would talk about after we make it big. The dynamic duo.
  3. We reach to become the better versions of ourselves. Even when we’re not talking to each other on the phone or visiting one another. Just living daily life. Know what others think of you does not matter. What does matter is that you have someone who loves you, and you have your own motivator. Sometimes when I feel down, I get an image of him working a late shift and think of how I can strive to be better. It’s also sometimes an equality competition for myself. I think how I don’t want a relationship wear one has more control than the other. I am a strong woman who needs a strong man,
  4. We keep and stray from the routine. Sometimes it’s nice to know that we’ll always have a walk around campus each time he visits. But sometimes, it’s also nice when we try new things together. Example: face mask and cooking steak.

couple lovey doveyIt’s tough. Long distance wears you out. But if the relationship is strong, it has a really nice way of working out.


“Believe in the immeasurable power of love; that love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance.” ~Steve Maraboli

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