Study Sessions at a French Cafe

I’ve locked myself up in one corner of Crowe lobby, headphones on and distractions off. The Pandora station tuned to the ‘French Cafe’ playing different calming genres of music in French. A different language keeping my head in track. French music in the background keeps my mind focused, in tune, organized. I don’t know what they’re saying, but it sounds sweet and it sounds pure and it’s relaxing to the point where my energy is given adrenaline by the amount of work I can push myself to get done.

It’s the Saturday before Finals Week and I’ve made my morning productive where I feel accomplished enough at the moment to be at peace with the fact that I will be going to work in half an hour. My night will be taken away completely by the usual six hour shift I work most nights. Yet, my work hours give me the time management I need. I will now go get dressed, refresh my make up, go to work, then get back to studying.

C’est la vie

It’s life to stress. But I’ve learned to stress about the right things and give my body the motivation to get my work done. The rest of the stress, I try to let go. It’s the stress of stress that’s nerve wracking.

So here I am, writing one quick post before work, giving myself one more quick push before I’m bound to commit my time to another side of life.

Work mode on, study break done, then later I’ll say hi to my Finals preparation.


Update: I played the Pandora station at work today, and everybody was 10x more relaxed.

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