Let’s De-Stress

We tend to push our minds more than our physical bodies. Meaning, we mentally exhaust ourselves, think our body into exhaustion, then forget that our body can do more. At least, I do. I would psyche myself out about the little time I had rather than actually doing anything with the little time I had. It’s called stressing about stress. I wouldn’t do ten minutes of yoga each day because I thought I had too much homework to focus on. I would push back a minute of dancing in the moonlight because I thought I had to get to my next organization I’m involved in.

There’s an awesome Ted Talk I saw about this.

Similar things, include also knowing you have many things to work on, and decide to do none of the above, then saying the awful, dread, horrifying statment, “I’m bored.”

It’s okay, not rest, but to do nothing?

A quote that comes to mind is by the great and powerful Kimmie from the Underground, “Only boring people can get bored.”


Use that ten minute period of waiting for a meeting to write a short blurb about class. Write a poem. Draw from your imagination, write some goals. So what did I do? I wrote Kimmie a poem, of course.

And what else can we do? This final rush before finals, this last lap? Draw, do yoga, take the time to destress. Because then we have purpose again and we can go back to working our hardest in achieving our goals.

My mentor from a few years back, Taran, once said to a group of us, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

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