A Workout in Spanish

We go to the gym, we put on our headphones, and we forget everything else.

Horner Center
Horner Center

I went to the gym today: one hour of yoga, ten minutes playing around with the handstand, and half an hour on the elliptical listening to the Pandora station ‘Merengue Electronico.’ I would be half dancing, half running to Merengue’s strong, steady rhythm.

This electronic remix, though, also contained remixes from other types of dance songs, and I finished my workout with a playlist in Spanish keeping me in my grove.

If you had been there you would have seen a girl speed up for a song’s amount of time, slow down to a rhythm of Bachata, then speed up again when a salsa mix came up. The change in tempo would catch me off guard at times. Of course, commercials were stressful because I got so used to the beat of a song that I had to keep the beat going in my head to keep myself running rather than pausing at every break in music. Yet, it was the most fun I’ve had at the gym since I could focus on my workout rather than catch myself looking around and feeling self-conscious.

stretching selfie

A hour a day of Spanish music keeps the boredom away.

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