The Stages of Napping as Told by Boo

In college, there is one thing every student can agree upon that is a gift; napping. Students love naps. Myself, being a proud supporter and nap enthusiast, strongly advocate for naps to my fellow students. When we are younger, we dread naps as kids. They were a time when we missed out on what was going on around us, but now as an adult, naps are one of the greatest gifts a person can give themselves.

1. When life is really getting to you. Sometimes life gets you down, so you have to take a break from trying to tackle it.

2.You just need to scream before you fall down from exhaustion. 200-1

3.After said panic attack, and being so exhausted and overwhelmed by homework, you begin to cry.200-3

4.Finally after your tantrum, sleep begins to come over you.

5.And finally after being distracted for several minutes by all of your obligations, you have a good laugh and suddenly slip into a stress induced coma of dreams and hope to be awoken before dinner or your next class. 200-2

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