Cool Australian Creatures

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A view of the ray from the surface.

One of my main goals when coming to Australia was to see as much wildlife as possible in the wild. What I did not realize is that there is much more variety here besides koalas and kangaroos. I will outline my favorite lesser-known creatures below.

1. Sting-Ray – This giant ray glided over our feet and sucked our toes while looking for fish scraps lefts by fishermen. We could hand feed them, pat them, and just enjoy their general presence. Surprisingly, sting rays are less scary the larger the are… in my opinion.

2. The Cassowary- Feared due to its massive, dinosaur like feet and large horn on its head, the cassowary was

The Cassowary, practically the modern dinosaur.
The Cassowary, practically the modern dinosaur.

quick to catch my heart. Living deep in the rainforest, these rare birds are not often seen by humans. We were lucky enough to visit this female in a wildlife park.

3. The Echidna- Cute, but not cuddly, this marsupial resembles a doormat. Its long snout is reminiscent of a pig as it scrapes around in the dirt for food, while its spines resemble to common porcupine.

4. Humpback Whale- While the whale is not only exclusively in Australia, they are spotted so commonly during this season in Australia, that I couldn’t help being blown away by how many I was able to spot on random occasions.

5. The Koala- Okay, I know I said I would only say lesser known species, but I think Americans really don’t realize koalas attributes. They make terrifying, demon-pig noises at night. They stink… deliberately. The males rub their urine on their chest to mark their territory. The females feed the joey’s feces in order to help establish needed bacteria. Not so cute now, huh? Actually, they are still pretty cute!

Still, the cutest animal in Australia (:
Still, the cutest animal in Australia (:

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