Learning to be Productive in the Morning

  1. Have a game plan: If you do not know what you need to accomplish in the morning you will forget what actually needs accomplish when you wake up. And if you are like me, you will think “I don’t remember what I need to get done, so I might as well go back to sleep”. And then later that day, you will get mad and stressed because you have 10065x more things to do that what you thought in your foggy thoughts that morning.
  2. Go to bed a a decent hour: If you are going to wake up early, make sure you get to be at a good hour. Someone our age (early twenties) should have around 7 hours of sleep. I know you are saying I can function fine of 5 or 4 hours. But your body hates you. (Not really, relax.) But seriously, you may be fine on small amounts of sleep but that is because your body has adapted to that; it is adapted but by no means is it happy with it.
  3. SLEEEEEEP: hmmm she just said this… why is she saying it again. BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT. Our body needs rest. You need to sleep.

    This is passionfruit. It is the best breakfast food alive
    This is passionfruit. It is the best breakfast food alive
  4. Set so many alarms: I never will convince myself to wake up at my first alarm. If I want up at 6am. My alarm is for 5:50am, 5:55am, 6:00am, 6:10am, and 6:15 am. If I continually get woken up, I will eventually get up. ALSO if you hit snooze, you do not get as good as a sleep after you fall back asleep for those ten minutes. Ultimately, you will become more tired because you are waking up after having a short, unfulfilling segment of sleep.
  5. Progressively become a morning person: If you regularly wake up at 8:00am everyday, you cannot expect to be able to get up at 6:00am and be happy about it. Progressively wake up earlier. For two or three days get up at 7:30am… then 7:00am… 6:30am… and finally 6:00am. You body adapts in a slow process, not in big sprints.
  6. Have food ready: I don’t know about you, but for me food is a great motivator. I will have a great breakfast planned if I know I want to get up earlier than normal. Instead of my normal poptart, I will have a big bowl of fruit or sometime of toast and fruit planned. I helps me make myself get out of bed because I love what I am about to eat.

    Some coffee love <3
    Some coffee love <3
  7. COFFEE: I am a coffee person. I bleed coffee. I could have an IV of coffee and it would still not be enough. The smell alone will help wake me up before I even take a sip.
  8. Go away from your room: If i try to study early in the morning in my room, my bed basically calls my name. It is bribing me to come back with its soft pillows and warm comforter. In Lynn, we have an amazing common area that has a skylight. It is the perfect place to study early in the morning. The sun will start to shine through the skylight and it is just a great start to the morning.
  9. Plan a short nap for later that day: In order for me to keep steam through the rest of the day, I need to nap. I have an hour break right after lunch and I try to take a short 10-20 minute nap. It is short enough not to really eat into my day, but it is long enough to give me the short rest that I am craving.
  10. Be proud of yourself: You were more productive in those two hours in the morning than most people are by dinner time. Post it on social media, brag, rub it in your friends faces. Show them how productive you are and make them jealous. You did it. You are awesome. IMG_6256

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