Reinventing HC Cheerleading

Basketball season is FINALLY here! And I am so excited! I have been going to football cheerleading practice because I wanted to be involved and help with stunts.

We had a men’s basketball pep rally Halloween weekend. There was an awesome turn out; I am guessing there was a couple hundred students in Horner that night. There was competitions, games, and the cheerleaders were able to do a cheer routine. We worked on this routine for weeks and we were super nervous right before we were about to perform.

But we did our routine and all of our stunts hit awesome. Our jumps looked good. Our tumbling was wicked. In the past, the squad has had a reputation of not being that great; but, this routine completely turned that around that reputation. Lindsey received emails from heaps of different students and faculty about how great the squad looked. We shocked the entire crowd with how amazing we did.

We now are progressing into harder stunts and skills. We have started to practice basket tosses. We have two males on the squad and I am paired with them in the basket (because I’m strong (: …). As we continue to practice, we continue getting better and better. We will still continue to shock and awe everyone in the crowd because Lindsey has done a fantastic job with the squad. If you wanna check out our basket, follow the follow IMG link. IMG_6351

I am so happy it is finally my season and I can get back on that floor with my teammates. I may be out of practice, but hey… I don’t look that bad. I am back into the swing of things.

Here is the squad!
Here is the squad!

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