Exercise Testing and Perscription

One of the more commonly taken classes as a KIP major is ETP (exercise testing and prescription). This is a class where we learn how to develop basic exercise programs for clients that have different needs. The clients could have situations that limit the type of exercises they can do, they could be in full health and able to do everything. We have to learn what situations require limitations and who can handle harder exercises.

At the beginning of the semester we are assigned a client. They could be a student or a a faculty member. I was assigned a student who I knew very well; I was fortunate. Once we get our clients, they have to go through a screening before we can start meeting. The screening includes cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscular endurance, and other basic body measurements. This is just to give a baseline so we have something to compare to at the end of the semester.

My client doing her workout on the treadmill. Kicking butt and taking names
My client doing her workout on the treadmill. Kicking butt and taking names

Once we are done with screenings, it is all up to us. We meet with our client at least twice a week and have to work out for 45 minutes. We talk to our client to understand what their goals are this semester. It could be to lose weight, to gain muscle, to run a mile, or to learn the basics of lifting weights. It is up to us, as the trainer, to decide what they need to do in these workouts to help them meet their goal.

I try to set up a rotation of cardio,then a leg day, and arm day. My goal as a trainer is to teach my client how to work out and to make the workouts entertaining. If the client is having fun while they are doing it, it is more likely that when you are not there, they will do it themselves. I started out with basic, easy workouts to get a sense of their fitness level. Now we are more than half way through the semester and I am really starting to push my clients with hard workouts.

Just remember when you are working out and you get tired and want to stop…. Your body can do great things if your mind will let it.

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