Kicking Off the Year

Our Buddies trying to pick their pumpkin
Our Buddies trying to pick their pumpkin

I am the chapter president of Hanover College’s Best Buddies chapter. (If you don’t know what Best Buddies is, check out some of my other blogs. I explain what this awesome organization is). We only meet once a month. For our first meeting, we decided to have it on campus. I rented out the Withrow Activities Center and Kaitlin (my activity coordinator) planned a fantastic meeting.

Playing a game to get to know each other better
Playing a game to get to know each other better

She called it “Pumpkin Patches and Best Buddies Matches”. We painted pumpkins and played games that helped everyone to get to know each other. Kaitlin came up with the best way to reveal our matches! (In case you don’t know what that means…. We get paired one on one and the first meeting you find out who you are paired with). All of the college students had a pumpkin and the pumpkin had the buddy’s name on it. Then the buddies had to walk around the WAC and pick their pumpkin(aka their college buddy).

We had the biggest turn out in Hanover College Best Buddies history. In the past couple years, our turn out has only been around 20 people. This past meeting, we had a little over 40 people show up! I have never had to buy so many bags of chips. It was so exciting. What is even more exciting is that more than half of the college students that attended where freshman or sophomores. We are developing a great number of participants and a great future foundation for our chapter.

Waiting for the Buddies to "pick" us
Waiting for the Buddies to “pick” us

Because of how much we have grown this year, we are trying to recruit more buddies. We have so many college buddies who want to be paired, that we have to try to find more individuals at Sandstone (where our buddies work) to join so that we can have more pairs.

Our next meeting is coming up in a couple weeks and I am excited for what Kaitlin plans for our November meeting. I have high expectations for the chapter this year. And I feel very confident in handing over the torch next year.

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