Being an athletic supporter

One of my favorite activities to do here at Hanover is to attend sporting events. However, my favorite sport to watch is volleyball. Right now, Hanover is 20-7 and 8-0 in the Heartland Conference.
Volleyball is a sport that even if you have no knowledge of the rules of the game, you can still get very absorbed in the game. I love watching volleyball because of the adrenaline rush that happens when your team scores a point. In the words of Principle McGee, “If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.” I have embraced this phrase and I think much of the Hanover community has as well.
On Saturday October 24, Hanover had a match against the Bluffton Beavers in Hanover’s own Collier Arena. After the Beavers beat Hanover in the first match, Hanover was able to win the next. Bluffton won the third set and Hanover with the fourth. The game then went in the fifteen point fifth and final match.

Hanover College volleyball takes on Bluffton
Hanover College volleyball takes on Bluffton

The entire game was very intense. Hanover and Bluffton went back and forth, point for point, until one of them won, met with the sound of their athletic supporters cheering them on. I have never been at a game where I felt so nervous, as if I was about to run onto to court to join in their huddle of celebrations after each earned point.
In the end, Hanover won that final match to become the number one seed in the Heartland Conference. After their victory lap and cheers from their supporters, students made a tunnel for them to go through on their way to the locker room. The sheer excitement that the campus community has for our athletes in their victories is amazing. I am proud to be an athletic supporter.

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