Rejoining the cheer squad

An obligatory selfie because tryouts
An obligatory selfie because tryouts

I am having some serious Throwback-Thursday moments this senior year. In high school, I used to do competition and school cheerleading. I did not do it in college because I was too busy. BUT, some friends and I go to this gymnastics gym in Madison, Ind., in our spare time to tumble. It is a great way to keep and shape and plus, it’s just heaps of fun!

This year, I found out that one of our athletic trainers, Lindsey Letner, was taking over the cheerleading squad. She has cheered most of her life, works as a trainer for Varsity (a huge cheerleading corporation), and has been a trainer for cheerleading teams at Division I schools. Basically, she knows what she is talking about; she can jump, tumble, cheer and stunt.

Phi Mu seniors take over the cheerleading squad
Phi Mu seniors take over the cheerleading squad

She is really going to kick the team up to a new level this year. Because of this exciting new change in the program, I and a couple of other ex-cheerleader seniors decided to give it a shot for old time’s sake. We are doing basketball cheerleading, and it is going to be a great time.

We all just decided since we are seniors and will have the spare time in the winter to just go for it. We will get to stunt and tumble again. Of course, we are going to need heaps of practice since we are uber-rusty.

I haven’t cheered since I was a junior in high school. We have had two practices, and I am already extremely sore. It will take a while getting use to the work, but I am very excited.

Our "We are excited for cheerleading" face
Our “We are excited for cheerleading” face

Come check out the team at the football and basketball games. Or you can find us on Twitter. You can see all the awesome things and hard work we are doing.


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