Eight life lessons learned at Hanover College

Try going to Egypt for an Anthropology course while exploring the effects of the revolution!
Try going to Egypt for an Anthropology course while exploring the effects of the revolution!

As a student in my senior year, I have been asked more times then I can count (in more countries than I can count) what I plan to do with my life once I graduate.

Where will I get money? How will I make use of my degree? What does the future hold?

I never really know how to answer this question because the honest answer is, I do not know. I am too busy trying to experience the wonderful life that I am living this moment.

What I do know is that my time at Hanover College has taught me many valuable skills and lessons, which I will easily be able to apply in the future.

1) You can achieve more than you think: Every student at Hanover has had that moment where they have countless club events, Greek life responsibilities, work hours, and of course more assignments and readings than one could imagine in high school. Yet somehow, every time, we manage to get everything done and done pretty well!

2)Experience is everything: Experiencing life and just getting out there is the best way to learn, which is what I try to spend everyday doing during my student abroad experience.

3) Give back: Give back to your community. Whether we spend time giving back through our Greek organizations, through “The End it Movement” or the many service organizations on campus (shameless plug for Community Stewardship Initiative), students at Hanover are working to give back. Look within your community. Think global. Think local. It’s all important.

4) Smile: Smile at your friends, smile at you professors, smile at random strangers (unless you are in a culture where smiling is interpreted in a different way). Being friendly goes a long way.

When friends become family in Hanover's Greek life.
When friends become family in Hanover’s Greek life.

5) Take time for friends: We may be busy students, but we always take time to see friends. Whether going out to coffee, eating pizza at a Gilmore Girls marathon, or simply eating in the Campus Center. Friends are everything.

6) Try everything: Hanover is a liberal arts college. I love philosophy classes, am a biology major, and decided to minor in sociology just because it’s so interesting. You’ll be surprised what you never even knew you liked!

7) You will always pull another all-nighter: How many times have we all said we will never again pull an all-nighter? Whether for fun or academic reasons, we all have gotten the most work done and best conversations at 3 a.m. It will happen again.

Whatever happens, we are prepared for anything!
Whatever happens, we are prepared for anything!

8) You do not need to know what you are doing with your life right this second: This panic mode is becoming all too common, when I (or my friends) begin to panic about knowing what we will do once we graduate. But think about this, the majority of my professors who I admire so very much, had no clue what they were doing when they left undergraduate college.

They took a year off and traveled, or tried out being park rangers, or worked for a year, or went to get their masters. Now, I consider them some of the most interesting and successful people I know. Consider that. And let’s face it, Hanover has given us the skills to face anything that the world can throw at us.

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