Learning to speak Australian

My initial thought when going to study abroad in Australia was that at least I would speak the language. In my one month here, I have realized that this is entirely not the case. Here is a quick introduction on trying to decipher the Aussie language. I will mostly just cover food (because this is one of my favorite things in the world) and common phrases.

Food is the perfect way to connect with people <3
Food is the perfect way to connect with people <3


Biscuit: A cookie which actually tastes like a cracker. I find this very misleading when I really just want a biscuit for breakfast some mornings!

Scone: A biscuit, but still not the same as ours and NEVER with gravy, apparently, this is appalling.

Chips: Sweet, sweet fries, my favorite beach snack!

Crisps: Chips. I have noticed the thin cut chips here are actually extremely thick, but delicious nonetheless.

Lollies: most candy besides chocolate, with particular attention to Mentos for some reason.

Kebab: Kebob, but not meat on a stick. Actually more like a gyro on a wrap.

Prawn: Shrimp, as I am reminded by the International House chefs on a weekly basis.

Rock melon: Cantaloupe, but really, I can see this one because it does kind of look like a rock.


I reckon: “I think”

Me at the Sydney Tea Festival, where I had my first kebab!
Me at the Sydney Tea Festival, where I had my first kebab!

Mad keen: I like it a lot

Ending a sentence in “yeah”: used to make any statement a question

No worries: You’re welcome

See you later: goodbye, even when you will never see them again.

Are you alright? : How are you?

You’re a legend: You are great

For example, last week…

Emily: “I reckon I would be mad keen for some chips, yeah?” *orders a large chips with chicken salt at the cafe*

 Shelbey: ”Emily, You are a legend! I cannot believe you ate a whole bag of crisps, all those chips, and a chai latte within the past hour!”

 Emily: *passed out on beach in food stupor*

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