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My ideal school currently. I would not be mad at living in Florida
My ideal school currently. I would not be mad at living in Florida

As my junior year of college comes to an end, I realize that I need to start thinking about what life after college will be like. That is crazy! I feel too young for this; it is almost like I am back in high school looking for colleges.

What is good, I guess, is that I have an idea of what I want to do with my degree after undergrad. So I am ahead of the game on that aspect.

The other night. as I looked at grad schools online, I decided that I would like to go get my master’s in athletic training (MSAT). I love Indiana, and I would not mind staying here for grad school; however, I would prefer to head to a coast, either east or south.

But honestly, I am going to go wherever I am accepted. It is just like picking colleges. You may have your preferences, but you can only go where they want you in return.

I was figuring out what pre-reqs I would need to apply, when the right time to apply would be, and how much the application will be (which is outrageous, BTW). I realized that I will need to submit my résumé with my application. I have a decent résumé, but I know that it is not up to par as to what grad schools would like.

What is great about Hanover is that we have an entire department committed to career planning and life after graduation. The Career Center will help you with résumés, internships, summer jobs, graduate schools and getting into the mindset of the real world. Check out the Career Center for yourself!

I met with the director, Margaret Krantz, to have her help tweak my résumé. She is an amazing gift to Hanover. Her knowledge of interviews and of résumés is unlimited. She has helped me get my résumé in shape and has helped prepared me for me trying to enter the real world and grad school in a little over a year.

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